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Cellular Technician Course

Learn the fundamentals of cellular repair by attending Mira Training Center-Beirut cellular technician course. The course is hands-on so you gain immediate confidence in doing repairs. You will learn by using industry leading tools.

Cellular repair training includes everything electronics principals to advanced troubleshooting and everything in-between.  Our cellular technician course will help you understand why the device operates the way it does. It goes beyond taking out the screws and replacing a part. With Mira Training Center- Beirut Cellular Technician course you can attach repairs with more confidence and troubleshoot issues the right way when things don't go as planned. 

Enroll now by filling out an online application form or call us on 01 393 193 or 03 103232. Cellular technician course includes:

              o Electronic Principles
              o Equipment Collection
              o Depicting malfunction & maintenance
              o Practical Application on the newest equipment
              o Computer – Practical work

 Cellular technician course details:

  • Course Period: 2 months
  • Fees: 400 U.S. Dollars
  • Facilities in payments
  • Morning & Evening classes
  • Certificate approved by the Ministry of Education